On the recommendation and interest of several people, I’ve decided to set up this blog to document and discuss projects of mine.

If you’re looking for specifications and exact tutorials, this isn’t the place to look. I don’t intend to fully explain my methodology or process throughout development. I’m by no means an expert on any specific topic within the realm of Computer Science either, and I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone.

So what content will be here? I intend to use this blog as a kind of public notebook; a place I can use to think about software development and straighten things up in my own head before transforming it into code. Hopefully, I can publish content that will be useful to others looking to follow similar paths as I have done.

As a point of interest, my current most active project is an operating system named ‘Tupai’. At the moment it exists as little more than a multi-tasking POSIX-like kernel. I hope to change this and to flesh it out into a fully developed system complete with a mature userland, all the ‘expected’ operating system features, and a plethora of drivers that should allow it to function on some hardware and most emulators.

So in conclusion: Thanks for taking a look. Bookmark this page if you so wish. There will be more posts coming soon, and I hope you’ll find their content interesting, amusing, or useful.

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